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Dopamine and noradrenaline effects in the blood flux regional on therapeutic in the septic shock.

Rev Bras Ter Intensiva; 2008;20(1):49-56 - Original Article

Sepsis volume reposition with hypertonic saline solution.

Rev Bras Ter Intensiva; 2008;20(3):267-277 - Original Article

Enteral nutritional therapy: application of quality indicators.

Rev Bras Ter Intensiva; 2009;21(4):376-383 - Original Article

Impact of the adequacy of energy intake on intensive care unit mortality in patients receiving enteral nutrition.

Rev Bras Ter Intensiva; 2011;23(2):183-189 - Original Article - Clinical Research

Adequacy of energy and protein balance of enteral nutrition in intensive care: what are the limiting factors?.

Rev Bras Ter Intensiva; 2014;26(2):155-162 - ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Volume replacement with saline solutions during pancreatitis in rats and the hepatic profiles of apoptotic proteins and heat-shock proteins.

Rev Bras Ter Intensiva; 2012;24(4):326-333 - Artigo Original - Pesquisa Básica

The impact of hypertonic and normal saline in gut reperfusion after ischemia in rats.

Rev Bras Ter Intensiva; 2014;26(3):277-286 - ORIGINAL ARTICLES

Controle intensivo da glicose em adultos em estado grave: um protocolo de revisão sistemática e metanálise de dados individuais de pacientes.

Rev Bras Ter Intensiva; 2023;35(4):345-354 - SPECIAL ARTICLE

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